Top 5 Fantasy Cricket Apps in India (2024)

Top 5 Fantasy Cricket Apps in India (2024)

Cricket, the beating heart of India, transcends the boundaries of a mere sport. It’s a cultural phenomenon, a source of national pride, and for many, a thrilling opportunity to test their cricketing knowledge and win big. Here’s where fantasy cricket apps come in, allowing fans to create their virtual teams and compete for real cash prizes based on the performances of real-life cricketers.

With a plethora of fantasy cricket apps available in India, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. Fear not, cricket fans! This comprehensive guide explores the top 5 fantasy cricket apps in India for 2024, delving into their unique features, user experience, and offerings to help you pick the perfect platform for your digital cricketing journey.

1. Dream11: The Undisputed King

Dream11 needs no introduction in the Indian fantasy cricket landscape. This pioneering app, launched in 2008, boasts the largest user base and has become synonymous with fantasy cricket in India. Here’s what makes Dream11 stand out:

  • User-friendly interface: Easy to navigate, even for first-time users.
  • Wide variety of contests: From free leagues to high-value contests, Dream11 caters to all budgets and risk appetites.
  • Multiple sports: Explore fantasy options beyond cricket, including football and kabaddi.
  • Lucrative rewards: Dream11 offers some of the biggest prize pools in the market.
  • High liquidity: Finding opponents and contests is a breeze due to the massive user base.

However, Dream11 does have a few drawbacks:

  • High competition: Winning contests can be challenging due to the sheer number of players.
  • Limited free options: Many contests require an entry fee.

2. MyTeam11: The Rising Star

MyTeam11, established in 2016, has rapidly risen through the ranks, posing a serious challenge to Dream11’s dominance. Let’s see why:

  • Innovative features: MyTeam11 offers unique features like “My Games” and “Fantasy Power” to enhance the user experience.
  • Focus on user engagement: Frequent promotions and contests keep players engaged.
  • Referral bonuses: Earn rewards for referring friends.
  • Multiple payment options: Offers a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods.

Here are some areas where MyTeam11 could improve:

  • User interface: The app can be slightly more complex to navigate compared to Dream11.
  • Brand recognition: Still building brand awareness compared to the established Dream11.

3. MPL Fantasy: The Multi-Gaming Powerhouse

MPL Fantasy, an extension of the popular Mobile Premier League (MPL) platform, offers a diverse fantasy sports experience. Here’s what sets it apart:

  • Multi-sport fantasy: Play fantasy cricket alongside other popular sports like kabaddi and football.
  • Focus on casual gamers: Offers a good selection of free and low-entry-fee contests.
  • Fast-paced contests: Enjoy shorter-duration contests for instant gratification.
  • Integrated wallet: Seamless transfer of funds between different MPL games.

However, MPL Fantasy also has some limitations:

  • Limited cricket focus: Cricket might not receive the same level of attention compared to other sports on the platform.
  • Emerging player: Still establishing itself in the crowded fantasy cricket market.

4. Howzat: The Feature-Rich Contender

Howzat, launched in 2019, offers a feature-rich experience for fantasy cricket enthusiasts. Let’s explore its strengths:

  • In-depth player stats: Provides detailed player statistics for informed team selection.
  • Live match tracking: Stay updated on the action with real-time score updates and analysis.
  • Second innings fantasy: Offers contests specifically focused on the second innings of a match.
  • Practice contests: Hone your skills with free practice contests before diving into real money games.

While Howzat offers a compelling package, some aspects could be improved:

  • User base: The user base is smaller compared to Dream11 and MyTeam11, potentially affecting contest liquidity.
  • Marketing and promotions: Needs to increase brand awareness to attract a wider audience.

5. Real11: The New Kid on the Block

  • Unique contest formats: Explore exciting variations like “Mega Auction” contests for a different experience.

However, Real11 faces some challenges as a new entrant:

  • Limited track record: Needs to establish a reputation and build trust among users.
  • Smaller user base: May have lower contest liquidity compared to established apps.


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