Apple Vision Pro will be sold in America from February 2


Apple Vision Pro will be sold in America from February 2

Tech company Apple’s mixed reality (MR) headset Vision Pro will be available for sale in the US market from February 2. Pre-orders for the headset will begin on January 19 at 5PM ET. However, the company has not given information about when it will be available in India. This headset can be operated by the retina of the eyes and movement of the hands.

Announcing this on Monday, Apple CEO Tim Cook said, ‘This is the beginning of the era of special computing.’ The device will come with 256GB storage. Apple had launched this device for $3500 i.e. about Rs 2.89 lakh in the Annual Developers Conference-WWDC23 held in June-2023.

To make this device, the company was working on it for the last 7 years. The company says that after wearing Vision Pro, users will be able to scroll through their photos and videos in the virtual space. Apart from this, they will be able to watch 3D movies and play games.

The device is based on advanced neural processing unit

Vision Pro is based on Advanced Neural Processing Unit (NPU). This NPU will provide a different experience of augmented reality by analyzing the environment around the user in real time using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

Be it projecting virtual objects onto the real world or providing related information, the ‘Vision Pro’ device seamlessly integrates digital content into our everyday lives.

Creates 3D images by precise mapping


A special feature of ‘Vision Pro’ is its latest space mapping technology. This device equipped with advanced sensors including LEDR and cameras creates a 3D picture by accurately mapping the space around the user. This helps in accurately connecting virtual objects to the surface of the real world. It provides a more realistic and believable experience of augmented reality.

You can share augmented reality experience in real time

With this, any user can share his experience of augmented reality with other people in real time. High resolution displays better connect the virtual world with the user’s real world. Whether collaborating on a design project or engaging in an interactive game, it can be done through Vision Pro shared presence and connectivity.

Can operate it with eye and hand movements

The device features a high-resolution display with exceptional color accuracy. This ensures that virtual objects blend with the users’ real-world view. The Vision Pro also features advanced eye-tracking technology. Users can operate it with eye and hand movements. The device enables users to watch movies, play video games, and read news articles.

Advanced encryption protocols and secure data storage

It has advanced encryption protocols and secure data storage to keep user’s data safe. The processing of mapping data is local, not shared across Apple’s servers. It can be easily connected to other Apple devices like iPad and iPhone. In this way, the best experience of Augmented Reality can be achieved on other platforms of Apple.

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